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Creating or restructuring your business

  •  Annual filings (checkups) for your corporation
  • Protecting your financial interest in someone else’s business
  • Restructuring your business for growth
  •  Drafting shareholders’ agreements
  •  Drafting business contracts, reviewing existing contracts
  • Advising on buying or selling a business
  • Counseling for amalgamations, joint ventures, partnerships
  • Reviewing existing commercial leases or drafting an original
  • Planning for the market you are looking to grow into
  • Assessing how international law applies to your venture
  • Addressing Canadian government regulations for shipping products
    to other markets
  • Advising on how trade agreements (such as the WTO Agreements,
    NAFTA, the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement) can support your
  •  Advising on access to market issues


Supporting you and your business strategy in your chosen foreign market


Protecting you and your business when you lease, buy or sell real estate property

  • Supporting commercial real estate purchase or sale of land – whether agricultural, commercial, industrial
  • Managing corporate financing and re- financing related to real estate
  • Supporting residential real estate purchase or sale of land – whether cabin, city lot, bare land or acreage
  • Providing assistance for mortgaging or re-mortgaging real estate property
  • Addressing any charges on land that are no longer applicable (i.e. oil and gas instruments registered against the land)
  • Planning your estate, including your wishes for your business
  • Drafting wills, and “living wills” (personal directives and powers of attorney)
  • Addressing assets outside of your province or country
  • Considering how you’d like your estate managed if something happens to you
  • Applications for court grants, including grant of probate, grant of administration
  • Succession planning for your company


Ensuring your family and your business are protected